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Courses, Community and Frameworks that help you define what you really want out of life and get it.

6-week personal transformation course teaching you how to be on your A-game

Self-Awareness and Purpose

Learn the tools to easily figure out exactly what you want in life and how to become the ideal person you want to be for yourself and who you show up as in your personal, professional, familial and social roles. But it all starts with having the right mindset and knowing your mission, vision and values in each of these areas to end up making every moment in life truly count.

Habits and Planning

Having the right mindset to adopt the healthy habits that put you on your A-game is vital. That said, properly planning for those habits as well as the long-term goals you have in every area of your life is what will enable you to consistently perform at your peak. Learn how we all have the capability to design the future we desire through cultivating the right habits and planning for them.

Peer Accountability

Join a community of like-minded individuals seeking to further their self-leadership skills for the opportunity to have priceless peer accountability. By engaging with others as your own personal mastery story unfolds you get even further insight, support, reinforcement and positive peer pressure to continuously strive to be at your best, while also making lifelong bonds along the way.

What you get

Learn insightful personal mastery techniques to define your own personal North Star to serve as your guide through our proven tools:

Managing Happiness people
David Henzel photo

Hi, I’m David Henzel

Applying business principles for personal mastery in each of my roles in life has made me a healthier person, a stronger business leader and a better father and spouse.

I am the CEO of Upcoach, a platform built especially for group coaching, and a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the SaaS and E-com space for over 20 years. I had multiple exits including MaxCDN. I currently have a portfolio of nearly a dozen companies I am involved with, but have made sharing the organizational skills that have led to my success and happiness my current focus.

As an entrepreneur, balancing my personal and professional life was always challenging. But over the years and through tried and tested methods, I have figured out a personal mastery system to be at my peak performance in every role in life.

The system has worked so well for myself and those that I have shared it with that I have become obsessed with getting the message out that is easy to acquire the right self-leadership skills to make you thrive in life!

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Tell me if you’ve been through these hurdles...

Feeling overwhelmed and not at your peak performance?

Knowing there is always room to grow to be on your A-Game

...and if you tried these tools and techniques to no effect

Signing up for an online personal development course without the peer accountability process, proven to help make changes stick…

Reading self-help books to no end and not actually implementing the tactics they impart…

Spending a lot of money on workshops and retreats, but then not following through on the teachings in your daily life…

Paying for expensive gym memberships or courses with gusto only to never actually go to them…

We’ve all faced challenges and I’m no exception.
But over the past 20 years, I have figured out there is a way to easily manage your happiness and always be on your A-game.

David Henzel

A personal mastery system for entrepreneurs and peak performers

Group coaching

The six-module MH Personal Mastery Course is an online group coaching course that includes weekly educational content and exercises participants can complete at their own pace.

Events & meetups

The six-module program also includes a kick-off call and weekly Town Hall meetings, which include hot seat coaching and Q&A sessions online with David Henzel.

Tangible tools

Live your life with purpose and according to your Vision, Mission and Values by creating your North Star, Know Thyself, Wheel of Life, Vision Board and Bucket List. You will have living documents you can always refer to that includes an efficient planning system for the future. With the Habit Tracker, you also get to schedule in, check off and measure your success.

Weekly training content

Every week, a new topic to optimize your self-leadership skills and manage your happiness is presented in video lessons and exercises that you can complete at your own pace.

Pick your guide

Each week, a guide, consisting of former alumni of the program will lead the Peer Accountability group through the personal mastery system. You will get to choose your own guide and call time, according to who best resonates with you and fits into your schedule.

Peer accountability

Every participant is assigned a group of accountability buddies going through the program simultaneously. Led by a guide, pre-scheduled one-hour online meetings will be held each week to enforce positive peer pressure to gain further insight and to receive reinforcing support.

It's time to get on your A-game. Save your spot in our upcoming cohorts!

A sneak peek at the Personal Mastery system in action

Personal Mastery system image

Getting started

To start off on the same page, we will go over the code of conduct and how the Zoom meetings will work as well as start managing our happiness by taking the 16 Personalities Test, filling in our Wheel of Life and defining three goals to improve whatever is lacking in your life.

Personal Mastery system image

Week 1 – What do you really want?

By defining your vision, mission and core values, you will begin to establish your North Star for every role in your life which will be your own personal navigational tool to understand what matters to you and how to live accordingly. In order to know what we truly want in life, we will write our own funeral eulogy, or better-yet the speech we want delivered for our 99th birthday. We will also create a bucket list to begin setting meaningful goals.

Accountability image

Week 2 – Habits are everything

Your habits determine where you are in life now and where you want to go by knowing what makes you happy and what doesn’t and what restart routine resets you. You will learn some of the habits integral to having emotional resilience and the right mindset to start cultivating the optimal habits you want in your life and begin entering those habits into the Habit Tracker.

Personal Mastery system image

Week 3 – Know thyself

In this module, you will learn how to define your own personal vision and mission and see other examples as guidelines. You will learn how healthy egoism is a good thing and set goals to take better care of yourself. Creating a vision board has immense value for setting intentions and magic in witnessing them unfold.

Proven systems image

Week 4 – Your role as a professional

Find your calling to provide value to the world. It is important to find that thing it is that you love to do that also provides value to people, reaping you monetary benefit in return. But in order to do so; you need to establish what your vision, mission and values are when it comes to your professional role in life. Make “Love not Fear” be your mantra and let it serve as your deciding factor in every choice you make.

Personal Mastery system image

Week 5 – Your role in family & community

Our social connections provide some of the most meaningful moments in our lives. Luckily, we can design the person we want to show up for in our familial and social roles. By defining your vision, mission and values and applying business principles to your family and social life, you can eradicate friction and better serve your loved ones and community, while enjoying more quality time along the way.

Productivity image

Week 6 – Planning & clarity

If you don’t plan for what matters to you, then the urgent will always override the important and you will find yourself reacting rather than responding to what unfolds in your life. Planning correctly and continuously asking the right coaching questions for insight will allow you to optimize your schedule and productively plan for the day, week, month, quarter and years ahead.

Here’s how the Managing Happiness Personal Mastery system helped people transform their habits & wellbeing

Common challenges before taking the course

Outcomes after taking the course


The MH Personal Mastery System is so much more than an online course, it is actually a community of like-minded individuals who are high performers seeking to further enhance their self-leadership skills.

Through weekly accountability group meetings, led by an expert guide and MH alumni you get the benefit of receiving and giving support and positive peer pressure for the positive changes everyone will be experiencing simultaneously.

The bonds created in this environment of sharing personal mastery successes is why the MH courses and community shine.

The online course itself consists of a Getting Started introductory module and a kick-off call with David. The six-module course then takes place over six weeks with weekly hot seat coaching and Q&A sessions with David.

Each module includes video lessons and simple yet stimulating exercises that will be discussed in weekly one-hour Peer Accountability sessions. Each module lesson should take less than an hour to complete and the two weekly online calls with David and your accountability group are an hour-long each.

This means that including the kick-off call and introduction module, the entire course will take a total of 20 hours to complete over the course of approximately six-weeks.

In the MH Personal Mastery System Course, by creating your own North Star, which will have a clearly defined vision and mission for all of the roles in your life.

Your core values will be clearly visible for constant reference to serve as a filter in every decision you make. You will have completed game-changing exercises including the Wheel of Life, the Funeral Exercise, a Vision Board and a Bucket List. Your Know Thyself document will be your go-to to know what makes you happy, what doesn’t and how you can restart your batteries when energy runs low.

By the end of this course, you will have the right tools to design the person you want to be and the life you seek to lead and will have made strong connections with a community of like-minded people seeking to further their self-leadership skills.

It’s time to be on your A-game!

Truly discover who you are and design the person you want to be and the life you want to lead. Share your insight and receive continuous reinforcement from a supportive community of like-minded individuals simultaneously improving their self-leadership skills. And, let “love not fear” be your mantra in every move you make.