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Want to grow and reach your full potential?

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Reach your desired outcomes

Set goals and implement new habits, start the decade on your A-game.

Track your habits

Set and track habits with our free Habit Tracker app.

Meet amazing people

Be in a group of like-minded people that want to succeed just like you.

Set your goals

Create your 90-day, 1 and 3-year plans and stick to them.

Own your commitments

Get an accountability buddy to help and support you with daily struggles and weekly commitments.

Define your mission & vision

Discover what exactly is that you want to be and do.

Define your core values

They will help you and act as a decision-making tool.

Exchange ideas

Groups are a safe place for exchanging ideas and getting honest feedback from people just like you.

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Darko Smilevski

Darko Smilevski

"Managing Happiness has definitely opened my eyes and helped me to clearly define my core values, which automatically solved two of my biggest internal struggles/problems and saying 'NO' to things/people. Definitely recommend to everyone!!"

Oleksandra Vlasiuk

Oleksandra Vlasiuk

"This is a great opportunity to think about the direction where you're heading and dig deeper. Besides my personal growth I really enjoyed meeting with the rest of the team and the conversations."

Mert Hurturk

Mert Hurturk

"Manage Yourself course pushed me to discover my own values and then guided me to design routines around those values. While the course itself was doing that, the group helped with the accountability part."

Gina Nuguid

Gina Nuguid

"David's Manage Yourself course is great to get on top of your personal Mount Everest and to enjoy the hike!"

Track your habits, commitments, short and long-term goals.

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