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Why habits are important!

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David Henzel

Founder of the Managing Happiness Mastermind Program

“I’m a strong believer that habits determine everything in life – if you’re rich or poor, obese or in shape…it all boils down to habits that you cultivate in your life.

So, if you want to change something in your life, I strongly suggest you review your habits and think about what other habits you’d like to start nurturing on order to get yourself on your A-game! 💪🏻 “

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Habit tracker

Track all your existing habits and add new habits that you want to start cultivating.

Group them by the time of the day when you do them, or by custom categories that you can create.

You can metrics as well. So if you’d like to track weight, number of sales calls, or simply rate the level of productivity every day, you can do that in our free habit tracker.

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Habits mini-course

When you sign up for the free habit tracker you will also get access to our Habits mini-course.

It’s a 5-day video course that will help you set up your habits and also give you some cool tips. We want to help you figure out what new habits you should implement to achieve desired goals in life.

Managing Happiness cohorts

If you feel like you need help and support from the community to get yourself on the good habits track, you can enroll in the Managing Happiness cohort. 

Managing Happiness cohorts are led by guides that have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share. Get support from both your guide and accountability buddies and learn from a tight-knit community of like-minded people.

Managing Happiness Club

Get a free habit tracker and start tracking your habits, commitments, and goals

If you are looking for a simple and streamlined way to track your habits and important metrics, our Free habit tracker is the right app for you.