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You are probably wondering why you got the Love Not Fear sticker, right? And if there is a story and a meaning behind it…
Well, yes! There is. There is also a goal that my team and I want to achieve – spread the message and share the Love with every person we talk to! ❤️

Here's how it all started...

My name is David Henzel and this is my Love not Fear story.

I am a recovering introvert. I used to be so shy around people and I’d never start a conversation. But then I realized that it’s holding me back from thriving in life and business. So I started a journey to break this limitation.

First I started attending Toastmasters and other public speaking workshops. But the real A-HA moment happened when my yoga teacher said “every decision in life you either make out of love or out of fear”. Makes you think, right?

I changed the way I was thinking. From that moment on my every interaction with other people was based on Love and how can I be of service and provide value to people, rather than what can I get from them (which is fear based mindset).

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Managing Happiness Accountability

Check out the video to hear about all the different situations when you can use “love not fear” mantra


I, my family, close friends, and colleagues are on the mission to spread the word about #lovenotfear.

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