Managing Happiness

Mastermind Group Coaching.

Where we will create:

Your North Star

Your personal mission, core values, 90-day action plan and NOT to-do list will focus you on the things that matter in your life.

Your success habits

Daily habits and routines are your shortcuts to success. We will hold each other accountable and make sure you are on your A-Game.

How it works

  • Who: 6-10 entrepreneurs and professionals including me (David Henzel) and you.
  • When: We meet once per week for one hour for 10 weeks. New masterminds start every month.
  • Where: Video call via Zoom.
  • How: Each workshop will have some quick (<30 min.) pre-work and homework (a minute or two per day). The bulk of the time will be spent in guided activities and group discussions.


Before the MH Mastermind, I was looking here and there to get to know people who are likeminded and have the same life goals. It was always challenging to keep yourself motivated across challenges, habit building, moving towards my mission and vision. 

Weekly group calls, different pre-work, and homework helped me with defining my core values, mission, vision, and 90-day plan helped me a lot to focus on myself and improve.

       --Cem Hurturk, co-founder of Sendloop--

Since I joined MH mastermind program, I got myself more organized and got the chance to meet great like-minded people. I implemented new habits, like meditating and I'm both enjoying it and having fun. 

The great thing about being a part of Mastermind is that you get to share your achievements and discuss different personal development topics with a group of great people.

-- Artjom Pestov-- 

Being a part of the Mastermind group helped me a lot. Aside from meeting great, like-minded people, I got a great support buddy-system and a safe place to share my story and my journey to self-improvement. I also learned a lot about myself, what I want from life and always make decisions out of love, not out of fear.

-- Vache Ghadimian  -- 

About David

I’m David and my personal mission is being a change agent who is transforming individuals and organizations so they can reach their full potential

I'm a veteran entrepreneur who has been building businesses in the saas and e-com space for over 20 years.

In this process, I realized how important it is to personally grow because otherwise, your startup will outgrow you.

In this mastermind coaching, I share what I have learned from great mentors, countless books and a lot of trial and error.


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Stop wasting time and start focusing and doing what matters.....