Dream big and achieve your most ambitious personal goals

Begin with the end in mind to understand the character, contributions and achievements you want in your life. The Managing Happiness personal mastery system not only teaches you how to set up personal goals, it also helps you be both effective and accountable.
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The secret to reaching your goals faster? Build the right habits

Personal goals, explained

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Setting up goals is key to your personal growth and professional advancement.

Benefits of establishing personal goals

No more wandering through life – personal goals give you direction

Personal goals serve as major
lasting motivation

Reaching personal goals boosts your self-confidence and inspires you to do more

You make smart decisions in all areas of your life, be it career choices or family matters

You start leading a more purposeful, satisfying life with fewer distractions and unhealthy habits

You gain control over your future and benefit from planning and clarity in your life

Struggling to set your personal goals? Join the Managing Happiness personal mastery system to get advice and direction

Learn insightful personal mastery techniques to define your own North Star to serve as your guide through an online video course, a habit tracker, weekly peer accountability sessions and live Q&A sessions with David.

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Self-Awareness and Purpose

Learn the tools to easily figure out exactly what you want in life and how to become the ideal person you want to be for yourself and who you show up as in your personal, professional, familial and social roles. But it all starts with having the right mindset and knowing your mission, vision and values in each of these areas to end up making every moment in life truly count.

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Habits and Planning

Having the right mindset to adopt the healthy habits that put you on your A-game is vital. That said, properly planning for those habits as well as the long-term goals you have in every area of your life is what will enable you to consistently perform at your peak. Learn how we all have the capability to design the future we desire through cultivating the right habits and planning for them.

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Peer Accountability

Join a community of like-minded individuals seeking to further their self-leadership skills for the opportunity to have priceless peer accountability. By engaging with others as your own personal mastery story unfolds you get even further insight, support, reinforcement and positive peer pressure to continuously strive to be at your best, while also making lifelong bonds along the way.

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