Ep 2: “Happiness Comes From Within” with Dom Brightmon

A Piece of Immortality

Dominique “Dom” Brightmon, DTM is a certified self-leadership expert with the John Maxwell Team from Baltimore, MD that empowers and equips others to share their stories.

Dominique has written and published “Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself”, the follow-up bestseller, “Stay The Course: The Elite Performers 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success”.

As the host of the Going North podcast, he interviews authors around the world to help listeners become inspired to one day publish books of their own and keep overcoming the daily obstacles we all have to face.

In this episode, he shares his love of books and offers insight on how to lead a fulfilled life.

Key Questions

1. How do you manage your happiness?

QUOTE: (01:27) When I hear managing happiness, I’m just thinking about really focusing on what brings you joy and happiness, Because truth be told, happiness comes from within. It comes from having a true purpose from always growing and getting better every day.

When you manage your self-growth– because that includes your personal, professional, spiritual, all-in-one self-growth as a whole being– you will definitely enjoy life a lot better.

2. What is one key thing you want people to take away from this?

QUOTE: (26:37) Unselfishness. This actually stuck out to me because I just got back from a leadership conference a couple of days ago where I heard Joel Mansby speak on his book, Love Works. Unselfishness is just thinking of yourself less. And that leads to my slogan of: advance others to advance yourself.

If you help others advance you, too, will advance in life. So I’d say help out your fellow neighbor, help out your fellow human being, no matter what the case.