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Managing Happiness people
Managing Happiness people
Managing Happiness people

Start tracking your habits and be on your A-game

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How we can help

Our clubs

Join groups of like-minded people who have the same goal - to be on their A-game!

Free habit tracker

Improve your habits and be on track with your goals - Get access to a free habit tracker and our mini Habits course.


Tune into our weekly Managing Happiness podcast to learn the tips and tricks to be on your A-game.

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What are Managing Happiness clubs?

Managing Happiness clubs are communities of like-minded individuals that are connecting to work on their goals, visions, and habits within a group coaching program powered by upcoach and facilitated by a Managing Happiness certified coach

Managing Happiness Accountability

Why this works

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Going through changes and life challenges is hard, especially if you are doing it alone. But, if you have an accountability system in place, someone you can talk to and seek guidance and support that’s another story.

When you join the Managing Happiness club you will be assigned an accountability partner who will help you to be on track with your habits, commitments, and goals.

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Our clubs and group coaching programs are designed to help you be on your A-game. This means you will be introduced to an array of different productivity courses, tools and hacks, books, influential people to follow, and podcasts to listen to, that will help you organize your life better, set goals, and start to push the buttons that will bring huge change to your life.

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Proven systems (process)

The Managing Happiness group coaching program is based on a tried and tested process. 100+ participants were part of the program’s initial test runs to ensure that every topic of importance is covered for you to get the most out of the program’s curriculum.


Want to join a Managing Happiness Club?

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