Ep 6: “Making Purposeful Choices” with Jones Loflin

The Managing Happiness podcast episode with Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin is a keynote speaker who has been helping others make better choices with their time for over 28 years. His client list includes Federal Express, Choice Hotels, and Tractor Supply. He is the author of Juggling Elephants and Always Growing. When he is not helping others thrive, he can be found in North Carolina with his amazing wife and their two perfect daughters.

In this episode, Jones discusses how to take control of your day versus letting your day control you by basing your daily choices on your purpose and the outcomes that you’re looking for.

This will help you to choose what’s most important every day to accomplish your purpose at work, in the relationships you have in your life, and in taking care of yourself.

Making Purposeful Choices with Jones Loflin

How do you Manage your Happiness?

QUOTE (02:59): “I think that’s where it has to start: What’s the purpose? What are the outcomes you’re looking for, from your day, your week, your month, your life?

And then it’s going to be carried out in those three rings your work, how you take care of yourself, and the relationships that you have in your life. And so that’s the framework, and then it’s a matter of choosing what’s most important based on the outcomes you want, each day.”

How do you deal with your worries?

QUOTE (14:01): “There’s a concept called quarantining your worry. During the day if something goes wrong you start worrying about it. You say, well, I’m not gonna worry about it. And your brain says, oh yes, you are. Because you know, it wasn’t as it should be. And that’s what causes us to worry when something isn’t as it should be.

So what quarantining your worry is about is finding a place in your day where you’re going to allow yourself to worry about it.

And I started using it and it was life-changing for me because when my brain would bring up something and go, oh, you should be worrying about this. I’d go tomorrow morning when I’m exercising, I’m going to worry about that. And it was amazing how it worked because the next morning I was ready to worry about it and I had my list of three or four things.

And what was great about it was that because I was prepared to think about it. I could work through it much more clearly, because many times during the day if I’m worrying about something else going on, I really need to be focusing on. So it’s kind of like that ping pong effect.

But if I’ve got a place set aside for worry, I found out, wow. I could think so much more clearly and come up with a solution.”

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