Ep 7: “Preserving Your Emotional Well-Being” with Michelle Dickinson

“Preserving Your Emotional Well-Being” with Michelle Dickinson

Michelle E. Dickinson is a Workplace Mental Health Strategist & Resilience Coach, a TED speaker, and a published author of a memoir Breaking Into My Life. Michelle concluded her 19-year pharmaceutical career and emerged with a strong desire to positively impact the mental health landscape in the workplace and with her 1:1 clients by elevating compassion, causing more open conversations, and leading real change in how mental illness is understood in the workplace.

In this episode, Michelle discusses how to preserve our emotional well-being and prevent people from suffering in silence, isolation, and shame. She also talks about the importance of being aware of how we’re really feeling every single day, getting to know ourselves better and building our “gratitude muscle” slowly instead of looking for a quick fix to achieve happiness in our lives.

Preserving Your Emotional Well-Being with Michelle Disckinson

How do you Manage your Happiness?

QUOTE (10:50): “Curiosity to keep growing and to keep learning and to keep discovering ourselves is where the happiness is because the more comfortable and more familiar we can become with ourselves, the freer we are to just be who we really are at our authentic core.

So I think it does lie in the ability to be more and more authentic, but it also requires us to keep becoming curious about why we are the way we are? Why do we think this way? What else is there? What else is there to get? And what would happen if I removed this thing called ego altogether, would I really be able to return to my purest state of love? You know, so it’s an ongoing journey really personally, for me.”

How do you develop your emotional resilience?

QUOTE (08:20): “I tell my clients all the time: you have to address this every day, even if just for a few minutes, because you’re gonna start to retrain your mind, retrain yourself to be aware of how you’re doing and to be present to the gratitude. And that actually is gonna help you throughout your day. So don’t just kind of try it on every now and then like, try to try to adopt a consistent practice.”

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