Ep 8: “Beliefs That Drive Happiness” with Brad Milford

“Beliefs That Drive Happiness” with Brad Milford

Brad Milford is a sales, operations, and business growth strategist. He is a mental mastery expert, and an entrepreneurial product developer helping entrepreneurs with systems and infrastructure. A U.S Navy veteran and world traveler, he has built eight corporations and led, managed, and grown more than a hundred businesses from zero to 7-figure multiples and beyond. With a super ambitious outlook on life, Brad has earned his success through determination, hard work, persistence, and intense focus.

In this episode, Brad discusses how to achieve happiness and more freedom by getting to know yourself on a deeper level, figuring out your core beliefs as well as your non-negotiable principles, and finding your purpose in different areas of your life. He also talks about the importance of learning from mistakes and real, honest feedback to consistently improve ourselves.

Beliefs That Drive Happiness with Brad Milford

How do you manage your happiness?

QUOTE (20:23): “Beliefs drive everything we do. They drive our happiness. They drive everything right. So beliefs lead to actions, action leads to results basically. Right? And so I encourage you if you’re listening and watching, going back to the framework, I encourage you to play a game. I want to ask you what your beliefs are.”

How do you find your purpose?

QUOTE (34:57): “That’s where you’ll find your purpose is when you begin to figure out who you are, what you believe and what you know, and what you want, trying to figure it out before, you know, those things is like working without a structure and a sub-structure.”

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