Take your EO or YPO forum to the next level with the Managing Happiness program

If you are part of the EO or YPO forum, you know how important peer sharing and learning is. Within the Managing Happiness program, you can work together on your EO’s collective as well as members’ individual vision, mission, values and goals. And that’s not all – the program arms you with proven tools to hold each other accountable to achieve your aspirations. 

What is Managing Happiness?

Managing Happiness is a comprehensive online program that blends personalized coaching and practical accountability tools to empower EO groups like yours to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results together.

Managing Happiness is a system, a framework, a way of living. Sounds dramatic, but it's actually pretty simple. It's applying business principles to your personal life.

The Managing Happiness coaching program

Six modules, packed with actionable advice on how entrepreneurs can get on their A-game, while maintaining healthy relationships and happy personal and family lives.

Communication course (coming soon)

The Managing Happiness coaching tools

Well-thought-out features that put accountability and progress front and center while cutting down the time on admin work.

Why add the Managing Happiness program to your EO forum?

Define your mission & vision

Discover what exactly it is that you want to be and do.

Define your core values

They will help you and act as a decision-making tool.

Develop and track your habits

Set and track habits with our free Habit Tracker app.

Set and achieve your goals

Create your 90-day, 1 and 3-year plans and stick to them.

Own your commitments

Join an accountability group and get an accountability buddy to help and support you with daily struggles and weekly commitments.

Exchange ideas

Your EO forum is a safe place for exchanging ideas and getting honest feedback from people just like you.

How to get started

Step 1

Simply reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

Step 2

We will work closely with you to understand your forum’s unique dynamics and showcase our customized program that fits seamlessly into your existing structure.

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