Eduard Brink

Entrepreneur, coach and speaker with 25 years of entrepreneurship and coaching experience.

About Eduard

It’s great to meet you! I’m Eduard Brink, an entrepreneur, coach and speaker. As a Managing Happiness Coach, I benefit not only from 25 years of entrepreneurship and coaching experience but mainly from ‘eating my own dog food’. I apply and live the Managing Happiness principles and am eager to continue exploring. I do that by co-hosting a weekly podcast, ‘Love, Not Fear’, with David Henzel, where we explore themes that resonate deeply with my personal and professional philosophy.

I have been running Brink Light, a high-end lighting company, since 1998. I’m an investor in COA Coaching Academy and a public speaker trained at the Global Speakers Academy. I served four years as an Accelerator coach for Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and am a Strategy Trainer for EO. In 2023, I co-founded AIPO Network, a platform around AI for entrepreneurs.

I love to host outdoor cooking events for charity with two close friends. I’m a proud dad of a daughter and son, and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with my wife, Evelien. I love travelling and meeting new people. I enjoy cooking, wines, skiing, scuba diving, and outdoor swimming, even in winter. 

My coaching approach is grounded in real-world entrepreneurial experience. With a strategic management background, I am committed to guiding others towards their fullest potential. 

Do you need help seeing a clear path forward? Managing Happiness provides you with tools that unravel a whole new perspective. So, if you want to be more in control, more aligned with your true self, and more excited about the journey ahead, I’d love to help you build your Happiness and get better every day.

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January 15th, 2024


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In-person retreat in Bodrum, Türkiye

October 21, 2023

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