Managing Happiness retreat

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Define a personal mission, vision, and core values

Direction and Purpose

Define a clear path for your personal and professional life, aligning daily actions with your broader life goals.

Improved Decision-Making

Use your core values as a guide for making choices that align with your true self, leading to more fulfilling outcomes.

Goal Alignment

Harmonize short-term objectives with your long-term vision, ensuring every step you take is meaningful and directed.

Create a winning mindset and remove limiting beliefs

Boosted Confidence

Develop a belief in your capabilities, opening doors to new opportunities and challenges.

Increased Resilience

Learn to view setbacks as opportunities for growth, enhancing your ability to bounce back from challenges.

Heightened Performance

Overcome mental barriers to success, leading to improved performance in all areas of life.

Improve your business and family life

Harmonious Work-Life Balance

Apply your personal values to create a fulfilling balance between work commitments and family life.

Strengthened Relationships

Foster deeper connections with family and colleagues through shared values and understanding.

Family Cohesion

Build a strong, value-driven foundation for your family, supporting each other’s growth and happiness.

Than this retreat is for you!

Overall Program Benefits

Comprehensive Approach

Integrates personal, professional, and family aspects, offering a holistic path to happiness and fulfillment.

Practical Tools and Strategies

Provides actionable steps and techniques to apply in daily life, ensuring real-world effectiveness.

Supportive Community

Join a community of like-minded individuals, offering support, inspiration, and shared learning experiences.

david henzel

Coach: David Henzel

David Henzel is a veteran entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building successful companies. He is the CEO of upcoach, and he leads a portfolio of businesses with 500 + employees.

Through his various endeavors, David remains committed to positively impacting the world, one person and organization at a time.

4-day retreat roadmap


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Dünyam is located in the small town of Dereköy, on the Bodrum peninsula. Just 5km away from the seacoast towns Gümüşlük and Turgetreis.

The retreat center has a fully equipped kitchen and dining areas for homemade traditional Turkish breakfasts and lunches.

The main house has 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 people (single occupancy)

There are 3 more villas that can accommodate up to 8 people (single occupancy).


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