Heiko Franssen

Certified NLP trainer, leader, entrepreneur and coach.

About Heiko

Hello and welcome! I am Heiko, and I would like to share a bit about myself and my passion as a coach.

My journey into the world of coaching began somewhat by chance when I first came into contact with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and hypnosis. Back then, I realized how effective and helpful the right approaches can be in transforming our lives. Insights into the subconscious mind and the neurobiological mechanisms that influence us proved to be powerful tools. These insights also helped me achieve my dream life.

As a systemic coach following the St. Gallen Coaching Model and a certified NLP trainer, I have continuously expanded my knowledge and skills. I have completed numerous trainings in change techniques, hypnosis, coaching, and communication to ensure that I can provide the best possible support to my clients.

Beyond my professional roles as a leader, entrepreneur and coach, I am a proud father of four wonderful children. The separation from my first wife was a challenge that we successfully navigated. Our new family dynamic is characterized by a positive and respectful relationship, which is of great importance to us and especially for our children.

All of these experiences and skills that I have gathered throughout my life, I now want to share with others. It is my passion to assist people in finding and achieving their true life goals. Whether it’s personal transformations, career objectives, or interpersonal relationships, I am here to accompany and support you on your journey.

If you are ready to embrace positive changes in your life and unlock your full potential, let’s start this exciting journey together. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you reach your goals.

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