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For individuals


DIY courses

Four do-it-yourself courses:

Lifetime access to recordings and course material

Free habit tracker 



Four do-it-yourself courses PLUS:

Weekly group meetings with accountability coach

Wheel of Life exercise

Lifeline exercise

To-do’s and worksheets

Communication board with your accountability coach and cohort members

Free habit tracker 


1on1 coaching

Do-it-yourself courses and tools PLUS:

Weekly sessions with accountability coach

Mission, vision and values exercise

90-day and 1-year plans

Networking, in-person meetups and retreats

Lifetime access to recordings, videos and course materials

For guides


Guide certification


Per each cohort member

Managing Happiness certification

FREE all-in-one online coaching software

Ongoing marketing and  sales training and support

Revenue sharing

To add a person to your cohort, you have to buy a unique code from Managing Happiness for $200. 

If a person was referred to your cohort by someone else, 50% goes to a referrer.

If a person buys the DIY course, 50% goes to a referrer.



Coach-led team cohort, per person


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